Wednesday, May 2, 2007

10 things about Global Cool

10 things about Global Cool
1) Global Cool is here to save a planet because we haven't got anything better to do.
2) Global Cool belongs to Dan Morrell, Dr Richard Tipper, Orlando Bloom, Ana Matronic, Brandon Flowers, Sienna Miller, 11-year old Isabella Ramchandani and anyone and everyone else who wants to be part of it.
3) Global Cool is called Global Cool because Global Cool is the answer to global warming and an answer sure is needed.
4) Global Cool is backed by some of the biggest names in entertainment and by some of the biggest brains in environmental science including Steve Howard and Dr Richard Tipper, both of whom have so many letters after their names that we do not have the space to include them.
5) By showing you how to Be Cool, Global Cool helps you do all the things you can do to save a planet। By allowing you to donate a Tonne of Cool, Global Cool helps you do the things you couldn't otherwise do to save a planet.


6) Global Cool is here to help anyone who cares about the planet to do their bit to save the planet they care about.
7) Global Cool is based in London and Los Angeles and is interested in expanding to any other major city in the world beginning with an L.
8) Global Cool is going to bring entertainment to the environment. It's going to put on shows and make programmes and send you playful texts and generally sing to you and tell you stories and tease you until you care.
9) "Global Cool will help wake up the world about the important issue of Global Warming." He's a switched-on man that Leonardo DiCaprio.
10) Two things etched on the walls of Global Cool। If we all leave everything up to everyone else, nothing happens। If we each do a bit, we can all do a lot.

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