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आर्टिस्ट McKenzie announces Awareness Campaign 

Artist McKenzie announces Awareness Campaign

Award-winning Artist McKenzie will unveil newest painting series, Awareness equals Change
Hollywood Artist McKenzie, who is famous for her philanthropic endeavors, will release her newest Mixed Media Painting series for the Holidays। The series is entitled, “Awareness = Change” which was created specifically to garner attentiveness to issues plaguing our world. “ I believe that very few of us alone have the greatness to change the world…but each of us can work to change a small portion…which together…can effect a generation! Awareness is the catalyst to all change.”

McKenzie’s newest Oil Painting series depicts serene settings, which upon closer inspection, reveal hidden images warranting attention and change। “I am mesmerized by her paintings,” says Art Columnist Lynne Reed, “The images hidden within the artwork represent the problems facing society which are not necessarily apparent upon a cursory glance. They are problems needing a deeper look. Her paintings emphasize this need while still focusing on the beauty and good in the world. I am a fan.”

Artist McKenzie will reveal her newest series through a high profile, star-studded Fundraising event to be announced on her website the first week in November. Tickets to the event and free prizes will be given away to lucky fans and collectors who sign up on the artist’s website. http://www.mckenzieartstudio.com/ Click here to read more। Past fundraising events have included celebrities such as Ray Romano, Teri Hatcher, Lucy Lawless, Randy Jackson, Aly and AJ, Candice Bergen, George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and many more.

The “Awareness=Change” Series follows the Sold Out Tuscany/Italy Series which is currently being televised on Cable stations in both New Jersey and Hawaii. Click here: http://mckenzieartstudio.com/Photoshow_Artist_McKenzie_Italy.html to view a slideshow presentation of this सीरीज़

100% of the profits from this new series will benefit charity। This is just one of many fundraising campaigns which contribute to The McKenzie Gallery’s goal of $1 Million dollars a year for charity. Please support our efforts to make a better world.

Please be sure to download the FREE Artist McKenzie Tuscany Screensaver here

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Artist McKenzie Music Charity Paintings

10 Ways to Save the Planet and Your Health

At the McKenzie Art Studio Gallery we try to follow these wonderful tips:

1. Eat organic. Pesticides, herbicides, etc. poison the soil, water, air and your body. They are linked to contributing to serious health problems including cancer, depression and central nervous system disorders.

2. Use non-toxic and natural household cleaning products. Most everyday cleaning products are very harmful to your health. Baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, lemon and vinegar are great alternatives and can be used for just about anything.

3. Wear only natural clothing fibers and organic clothes if possible. Synthetic fibers and non-organics are treated with high levels of formaldehyde and even petroleum. About $3 Billion is spent on pesticides for cotton fields each year worldwide, with over 600,000 tons of pesticides and chemical fertilizers on the US cotton fields alone.

4. Throw away your perfume and cologne. They contain chemicals contributing to asthma, central nervous disorders, immune dysfunction and a variety of other health problems.

5. Use natural unscented laundry soap and fabric softener. They also contain chemicals contributing to asthma, central nervous disorders, immune dysfunction etc.

6. Use non-toxic alternatives for pest control. Pesticides are poison; designed originally for chemical warfare because they are so effective for poisoning. As mentioned above they are linked to a variety of serious health problems including cancer, immune suppression and central nervous disorders.

7. Don’t use air fresheners. Just like cologne and laundry products they contain chemicals that contribute to immune dysfunction and central nervous disorders.

8. Don’t get new carpet. New carpet is high in formaldehyde, benzene and a variety of other chemicals that can really destroy your health. Hardwood and ceramic tile are good healthy alternatives.

9. Use non-toxic and all natural personal health care products. Shampoos, make up, body soap, deodorant, feminine napkins, tampons etc. usually contain many of the same harmful chemicals mentioned above in colognes and laundry.

10. Don’t use bleach or chlorinated household products such as paper towels, toilet paper, coffee filters etc. Scientific studies have linked chlorine and chlorination by-products to cancer of the bladder, liver, rectum and colon, as well as heart disease, artheroscelrosis, anemia, high blood pressure and allergic reactions. Bleach alternatives and unbleached products can be found at your local health food store.

**And don’t forget to recycle to help save resources and reduce space in landfills and buy recycled products as often as possible to encourage recycling.

Thank you to Cynthia Perkins, M.E.d

Cynthia Perkins, M.Ed. is an author and holistic health counselor providing alternative solutions and life management and support for individuals living with chronic illness or chronic pain. She is also author of the inspirational E-Book, Finding Life Fulfillment when Living with Chronic Illness-A Spiritual Journey. Subscribe to her FREE monthly Newsletter for inspiration, advice and support. http://www.holistichelp.net/

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Artist McKenzie raising 1 Million dollars for charity Paints Ellen Degeneres

Artist McKenzie raising 1 Million dollars for charity Paints Ellen Degeneres
Hollywood, California- April 15, २००७

Artist McKenzie whose motto is "ART MAKING A DIFFERENCE" paints celebrity Ellen Degeneres to raise funds for charity.
McKenzie, recent winner of the ARTV Fine Art Awards for Mixed Media, has released her newest painting in the Celebrity Series entitled, "Laughter is the closest distance between people" featuring celebrity Ellen Degeneres.
"McKenzie is so passionate about using her art to raise awareness and funds for causes close to her heart. She is a huge fan of Ellen Degeneres-It was a no-brainer," says Manager Steven Rice.
The original Mixed Media painting is 60" x 60" and features Ellen Degeneres encircled by laughing onlookers from all age ranges and ethnic backgrounds. "Ellen Degeneres is such a genius, she brings us all together through her wit...I tried to portray that through my art," says the artist.
The McKenzie Art Studio is on a quest to raise $1 Million dollars for charity and is well on its' way. 100% of the profits from the website and art sales will be donated.
To view the art and read more about Artist McKenzie's $1 Million dollar campaign please visit http://www.mckenzieartstudio.com/
"Laughter is the closest Distance between people" 60" x 60" by Artist McKenzie Oil on Canvas

Artist McKenzie with her son and the Ellen Degeneres Charity Painting
footnote: Ellen Degeneres donates $100,000.00 to American Idol Gives Back
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10 things about Global Cool

10 things about Global Cool
1) Global Cool is here to save a planet because we haven't got anything better to do.
2) Global Cool belongs to Dan Morrell, Dr Richard Tipper, Orlando Bloom, Ana Matronic, Brandon Flowers, Sienna Miller, 11-year old Isabella Ramchandani and anyone and everyone else who wants to be part of it.
3) Global Cool is called Global Cool because Global Cool is the answer to global warming and an answer sure is needed.
4) Global Cool is backed by some of the biggest names in entertainment and by some of the biggest brains in environmental science including Steve Howard and Dr Richard Tipper, both of whom have so many letters after their names that we do not have the space to include them.
5) By showing you how to Be Cool, Global Cool helps you do all the things you can do to save a planet। By allowing you to donate a Tonne of Cool, Global Cool helps you do the things you couldn't otherwise do to save a planet.


6) Global Cool is here to help anyone who cares about the planet to do their bit to save the planet they care about.
7) Global Cool is based in London and Los Angeles and is interested in expanding to any other major city in the world beginning with an L.
8) Global Cool is going to bring entertainment to the environment. It's going to put on shows and make programmes and send you playful texts and generally sing to you and tell you stories and tease you until you care.
9) "Global Cool will help wake up the world about the important issue of Global Warming." He's a switched-on man that Leonardo DiCaprio.
10) Two things etched on the walls of Global Cool। If we all leave everything up to everyone else, nothing happens। If we each do a bit, we can all do a lot.

Artist McKenzie Paints Environmental Series to benefit Global-Cool.org

Artist McKenzie Paints Environmental Series to benefit Global-Cool.org
Join Artist McKenzie in supporting Global-Cool.org


Top 10 Ways to Save Money and the Environment

Here are 10 ways you and your family can help our planet, and lower your water, heating and electricity bills:

1. Light Up Your Life EfficientlyKeep your curtains open during the day to let the sunshine and warmth in and save heating costs. Switch from incandescent light bulbs to energy efficient ones, such as Compact Florescent Lights (CFL), which provide lower wattages, last longer and use less energy. Your eyes will light up once you see the savings on your electricity bill.
2. Rubber Ducky, Maybe You’re Not the OneLimit your hot baths and lengthy showers. Install low-flow plumbing in your home, such as a low-flow showerhead. Almost half the hot water used in a typical household goes to daily showers. Install a timer on your hot water heater to coincide with peek usage and buy an insulating cover for it. Best of all, these items can be easily found at your local hardware store.
3. Energy Efficient Appliances — Out with the Old, in with the NewHousehold appliances that have the ENERGY STAR® rating will save energy. Consider buying a front-loading high efficiency washing machine, which uses less water and energy than top-loading models. The front-loading washing machines may cost more, but the energy savings you’ll reap from using an energy efficient washer add up. The spin cycles on these machines work so well that your clothes will spend less time in the dryer, saving you even more energy. Get rid of that old clunky fridge (yes, the one in your basement) and replace it with a new, energy efficient one. Old fridges are notorious for using excess electricity and inflating your bill.
4. Don’t Huff, Puff or Blow Your House Down — Just InsulateMake sure your floors, walls and roof are properly insulated, which will reduce heat loss in winter and retain cooler air in summer. If your roof is flat, plant a green roof and be the envy of all your neighbours. As for windows and doors, seal the tiny cracks and gaps with caulking and weather-stripping to keep out drafts and keep the temperature in your house constant.
5. Add a Layer, Subtract a Degree A programmable thermostat (with an ENERGY STAR® rating) will save energy and money. Set it to turn down two degrees in the winter while you’re sleeping, and pre-program it to come back to a comfortable temperature before you wake up. Do the same for when you’re away at work. You’ll save 1% on your electricity bill for every degree it’s set back over an eight-hour period. If you have central air conditioning, you can do the same in the summer, only set the thermostat to turn up two degrees when you're sleeping and away from the house. It's a small difference you won't notice except in your bank account!
6. E-Waste No MoreWhen sent to landfills, the heavy metals in computers can leach into the soil and potentially contaminate our groundwater. We can prevent this by recycling and/or donating our e-waste. Want to recycle? Find a company like Reboot or the Electronic Recycling Association in your neighbourhood. These not-for-profits accept computers and refurbish them for groups in need. Buying a new computer? Some companies, like Dell Canada, offer free recycling when you purchase a new computer. Want to donate? Under funded schools are often willing to give a charitable tax receipt for a computer in good working order. Don't know of a school in your area? Call Industry Canada's Computers for Schools toll-free at 1-888-636-9899.
7. Save Energy by Replacing Your Furnace FilterWhen your furnace filter is dirty, it reduces the airflow and forces the furnace to run longer to heat your home. A dirty filter can cause more suffering for people with allergies, asthma respiratory problems. Replace your furnace filter every one to two months to increase its efficiency.
8. A Watched Pot Never Boils (and Other Dinner Tips) Maybe a watched pot never boils but whether you watch yours or not, keep a lid on it - your pot will heat quicker and you’ll use less energy. Try not to open the oven door while cooking your dinner, either. The temperature will drop and your oven will begin to reheat. Use small appliances whenever possible, such as crock pots and toaster ovens. Better yet, invest in a solar oven.
9. Home Décor Fit for an EnvironmentalistIf you’re renovating, consider buying fast-growing bamboo, sustainably harvested cork or reclaimed wood flooring. And if you need to replace your carpet, or re-upholster your favourite chair, shop around for vegetable-dyed carpets and fabrics. Need new bedding? Organic cottons and linens will help reduce those morning sniffles and you’ll love how they feel against your skin.
10. Green Energy for a Green PlanetSwitch to a supplier who uses non-polluting, renewable sources such as wind power and low-impact hydro facilities, instead of coal and nuclear power. It’s easy to sign up, and it doesn’t require any special equipment. You continue to draw power from your province’s electricity grid in the same way as before, except you’ll help combat green-house gas emissions. Check the Yellow Pages in your province to find a supplier near you.

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Artist McKenzie Paints Kelly Clarkson for Music Charity Series

Artist McKenzie Paints Kelly Clarkson for Music Charity Series

Award-winning Artist McKenzie creates original painting entitled, "Idolized" of American Idol winner, Kelly Clarkson to benefit the Musicares।org charity.

The ARTV Awards is Climbing the Charts in Production for the 2nd Live Presentation of its Kind

Las Vegas, NV, United States, 05/01/2007 - ARTV presents the 2nd international Fine Art Awards in Las Vegas, September 29th 2007. Red carpet event and Ceremony to be held at the Palms casino Resort in the new PEARL Concert theatre.

The Premier ARTV awards aired on NBC- Bravo network on March 28th 2007।The success of the Premier and the east coast tour from Miami to New York & Chicago, has nominations for the 2nd international fine art awards in full swing. Artists are being selected in 13 fine art categories, featuring honorary fine artists Yuji Kato from Japan, Delia Solari from Argentina, and celebrity artist, Michael Godard from Las Vegas, and the Bronx Mural Kings, TATS CRU, to name a few, competing in the next event. Submissions are on going until the end of June 2007. Galleries can register on behalf of the artists.The next multi-media production will be filmed in HDTV for global broadcast. When Artv hit the airwaves this year, it marked the first-ever prestigious ceremony of its kind to be regognized & staged as the "grammys" of the Art world. Las Vegas now has the bragging rights as the home of the high tech hybrid of art and technology. Audrey Roberts, creator of Artv saids" this is a platform about artists by artists", that's why its so exciting and fresh. Comics, misicans, performers all come together to support the fine artists...What a switch, its a totally original work of art in itself...Since there's only one Artv, each event will be a one of a kind experience for the artists and audience.The next event will certainly top the the premier, because we now have the most beauitful venue in Vegas. The PEARL Concert theatre. George MAloof, owner of the Palms Casino, built a wonderful state of the art, revolving venue, to allow differententitys to present their artistic productions.Tickets will go on sale next month thru Ticketmaster & Artv is now taking reservations for VIP Luxury ALL Access passes. The event willl include a red carpet, like no other, the awards ceremony, live presentations, and after party. This will be the most recognized ART celebration in America, with thousands of artists, galleries, celebrities,collectors & fans. Join in the weekend cultural celebrations. Created by Audrey Roberts.


Artist McKenzie was the winner of the first ARTV Fine Art Awards for Mixed Media. Artist McKenzie has credited a large part of her artistic success to the recognition she achieved as a direct result of her win. "Audrey Roberts, the creator of the ARTV Fine Art Award, is an amazing woman with a vision! She is an inspiration to me as a person and a visionary...Viva ARTV," says McKenzie.
Please visit Artist McKenzie Website at http://www.mckenzieartstudio.com/ and the official Artv Website at http://www.artvawards.com/

Artist McKenzie $1 Million Dollar Charity Campaign Music Series Paintings

Artist McKenzie $1 Million Dollar Charity Campaign Music Series Paintings

Award-winning artist McKenzie, determined to raise awareness and $1 Million dollars for humanitarian and green causes through her art has released her newest fundraising paintings entitled, The Music Series.

Hollywood, California— Artist McKenzie, winner of the ARTV Fine Art Awards for Mixed Media, has released her newest series of paintings celebrating the impact of music and musicians on our American culture. Paintings of such musical geniuses such as: Kelly Clarkson, James Brown, B.B. King, Elvis Presley, and the Rolling Stones comprise her set of over 20 Original works.

“The impact of music on American Culture is immeasurable. We need to expand music and arts education in the schools,” says Artist McKenzie. “I hope to attract attention and raise funds for organizations that work to preserve this way of thinking. Some of these amazing organizations are The Grammy Foundation and Musicares.org, among others.”

Artist McKenzie, using her art as a catalyst, is already well on the way to meeting her goal of $1 Million for charity this year. She has pledged to donate 100% of the profits from her website art gallery, as well as, a steep portion of her work sold in galleries to charitable causes.

“McKenzie doesn’t just talk about making a difference, she does make a difference,” says charity advisor Rich Webb. “Her sense of social responsibility is stunning, I am proud to work with her and her staff.”

The McKenzie Art Studio is planning a series of Gallery Fundraising Events as a prelude to the 2007 ARTV Fine Art Awards on September 29th, 2007 at the new Pearl Theater at the Palms in Las Vegas, Nevada.

A sampling of McKenzie’s Music painting series can be viewed on her website at http://www.mckenzieartstudio.com/. The Originals will not make their formal debut until June at a gala fundraising event scheduled to take place in Beverly Hills. Limited edition giclees on canvas and posters will be available starting April 21, 2007 from the website.

For more information on the Fundraising Gallery Event, please feel free to contact us with any questions at 888-368-5213.

Musicians being honored in paint by McKenzie are B.B King, John Mayer, My Chemical Romance, Brian Setzer, Brad Paisley, Elvis Presley, Norah Jones, Kanye West, Kelly Clarkson, The Rolling Stones, and many more.
Emalyn Brown with Artist McKenzie at Music Painting Art Preview
"Idolized" Original Mixed Media Charity Painting by Artist McKenzie of Kelly Clarkson
Artist McKenzie Charity Painting of Kelly Clarkson in Lobby

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Award-winning artist McKenzie, determined to raise awareness and $1 Million dollars for charity through her art has released her newest fundraising paintings entitled, The Music Series