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The Genesis Awards

Celebrating animals। Celebrating the media. The Genesis Awards is a star-studded ceremony attracting representatives from the news and entertainment media, social business and humane communities. The annual event honors those in the media who spotlight animal issues, and is taped to be aired at a later date as a national TV special.

Date: March 29, 2008Location: Beverly Hills,

Artist McKenzie chosen as a featured artist on

Award-winning Artist McKenzie is chosen as one of the featured artists on; an e-commerce website for the art community which provides a cohesive environment for galleries, artists, and consumers to come together to do business.
"I am extremely flattered," says McKenzie. "It is one of the most professional and well-thought out art exhibition sites on the internet today. I am proud to have my art associated with them."
The site is a forum for galleries, artists and collector to come together. They are able to buy and sell, as well as, gain access to member benefits and trade programs that offer business solutions. Some of the many benefits offered are health insurance, credit card processing, advertising and design, fine art printing, shipping and packaging, car rentals, lodging, office equipment and supplies, printing, and subscriptions. These benefits are available through partnerships with industry suppliers, such as printmakers, foundries, purveyors of pedestals, and various outside companies. They are working hard to satisfy the needs of the entire Art community. They have tailored the membership packages to fit all categories: viewers, collectors, artists, photographers and galleries.
"We understand the importance of the Internet to our Art business. The Internet can serve as an introduction to art and the artists for many potential collectors. We can also reach a consumer that other methods of distribution were missing", says Manager, Steve Rice . Artist McKenzie , known as the "Hollywood Charity Artist" for her tireless work to raise awareness and funds for causes close to her heart, is displaying her award-winning Landscape Series on the website.
""We donate so much of the proceeds from McKenzie's Art to charity. Her art has such an impact on so many lives...We are grateful to for its' professional approach and its' ability to expose McKenzie's talent and passion to a larger Global audience. It is "art making a difference", says Viv Smith, Gallery Manager. McKenzie's painting, "Every Soul Counts" will be auctioned at the Humane Society gala event, the Genesis Awards on March 29th, 2008. 100% of the proceeds from the painting will be donated to the organization. McKenzie is asking all her collectors and supporters to purchase tickets to this superb event. For tickets or more information please contact (818) 501-2275. Click here to download the full tickets and tables flyer PDF.
"I think it is amazing the way that manages to bring the Art Industry together. Everyone--including Artists, Galleries, Buyers, and Sellers. It is very exciting!" says McKenzie. shared a booth (#1102) with Art World News at Artexpo New York 2008.
For information visit, or call (303)460-7031For more information on Artist McKenzie, contact Steve Rice at (888)368-5213Van Gogh Again is official fine art reproduction printer for
About Artist McKenzie:Artist McKenzie is the winner of the 1st ever ARTV Fine Art Awards for Mixed Media. Her art is collected around the world and seen in galleries, books, films, and exhibitions.

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Bioenergy pact between Europe and Africa

Bioenergy pact between Europe and Africa

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Artist McKenzie announces Art to Change the World Project

Artist McKenzie announces Art to Change the World Project
Film, Book, and Website project aims to bring together artists from around the world to effect global change
Source: JAMES BANTA, World Art Press, Mar 04, 2008 20:10:38
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Mar 04, 2008 – Award-winning Artist McKenzie known as the "Hollywood Charity Artist" has partnered with Liquid Studios, Inc. to create the Art to Change the World Project. The project bring together artists from around the globe, representing all types of art whose only commonality is the underlying message of optimism.

The Art to Change the World Project has aggressive plans to bring it's top 100 artists together in a film, book, and a dedicated website production. "We plan to do this in a big way. There are over 50 Million artists working today. That is a tremendous force that could be coming together to effect change," says manager, Steve Rice. "We will be donating 100% of the profits from the project to charities and organizations we believe in. "

Artist McKenzie is leading the project। "I have always been passionate about making a difference in this world we all share। My vision for this project is to increase awareness though Art--Embrace hope, peace, and encourage care for our people, the earth and its' resources। We can achieve this by coming together and being a force for positive change", says the Artist।

The Art to Change the World Project, will begin as a global art competition with a surprise high-profile celebrity judge. All artists are encouraged to submit 1-5 images. The subject matter may depict virtually anything as long as the ultimate message is positive. Please visit for more information.
"Many people are of the belief that we co-create our reality through our thoughts। Positive art images possess the power to spark change on a global scale by impacting its' viewers on an emotional level," says Vivian Smith, Gallery manager। "We need to take better care of each other and the planet."

The McKenzie Gallery, Liquid Studios, Inc. and socially conscious businesses that donate all of their profits to causes close to their hearts. Please visit us and join our efforts to "make a difference".
Mission statement: "To conquer the challenges we are facing in the world today; we must all focus on a greater sense of responsibility. We must begin to work not only for ourselves, our family and country... but also for the benefit of all of us on this planet. Global concern and responsibility is the launching pad for peace and the proper care of our environment. We hope to stimulate change and create a shift in the world's consciousness through Art." and the
About McKenzie:
Artist McKenzie is the winner of the 1st ever ARTV Fine Art Awards for Mixed Media. Her art is collected around the world and seen in galleries, from Florida to California. She supports organizations such as: Global Green, Humane Society, Red Cross, UNICEF, One Campaign, Save the Children and many, many others. She has appeared in numerous Hollywood fundraising events whose guests included Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, George Clooney, Teri Hatcher, and more.